Our Vision

From the militarization of the US-Mexico border

to the extermination of the Amazonian ecosystem,

we find ourselves in a dismal political and ecological climate

categorized by violent rhetoric, warfare, and closed borders,

a landscape broken by boundaries and binaries.

The distances refugees travel to escape ammunition

stretch across the colonized world—a world

constructed by hands of low-wage workers

met with more violence at arbitrary gates.

The efforts of war and capitalist exploitation

keep those labeled “them” on the other side

so we cannot see our reflections in each others’ eyes.

As these disasters span the globe,

urgency boils in our hearts and minds.

We seek critical perspectives that orient themselves

toward horizons fueled by radical futures.

Building with scholars and activists that have come before,

we invite you to share your vision of the feminist future you wish to cultivate.

Our call for papers is a call to action.

We invite you to share your insights, ideas, and inspirations.

We invite you to ignite the feminist future by participating in the

2nd Annual CSU Gender, Race, and Sexualities Studies Undergraduate Conference.



⬫ ❊❂❊ ⬫

Our embodied experiences teach us something about the political world. Building from the insistence of women of color feminism that ‘the personal is political and the political is personal’, our conference will attend to the ways our work and lives are always already intertwined. Engaging in feminist praxis deepens our commitments to our research, communities, and futures. Our visions and commitments cannot be built alone. We invite you to join us in rethinking feminist life beyond the confines of a hierarchical society that seeks to manage our bodies, politics, and lives.

Considering the overlapping of gender, race and sexuality that figures into our conference theme, here are some questions to fuel your thinking: what vision of a future world are you cultivating? What foundational concepts and potential desires make up this future world? What critical epistemologies do you prioritize in your research, communities, and futures? What sustains this world? What is your fuel?

The Department of Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies at California State University, Long Beach, will host the 2nd CSU Gender, Race, and Sexualities Undergraduate conference on March 27th, 2020.